A Kayak Fisherman Reels In A Giant Shark!

Kayak angler named Graham Smith went out into the water off Malin Head for some fishing in Donegal, Ireland. What he caught is more than what he expected.Usually fisherman expect to catch a big fish,but when you say big fish.Nobody is expecting to catch a shark. Graham caught the fish …

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Hundreds of MASSIVE spiders have been set free

Around 400 fen raft spider – the largest of the nation’s 660 species of spider – have been deliberately set free by zoo keepers in the UK. The span of these species are over seven centimetres – 2.75 inches.Which is quite big. To be honest i would be shitt*ng myself …

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Thai man gets into fist fight with a MONKEY

It all starts when the guy throws a shoe at the monkey to scare him off. But the monkey gets mad and the fight begins. The monkey was peeing on the motorcycle while the friend of the owner of the bike was laughing. After he throws the shoe, they start …

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