‘Christmas Is So Magical’.This Mom’s Christmas Spirit Led To A Hilarious, “Embarrassing” Misunderstanding

Ms Backstrom of Florida was at a gas station convenience store called Wawa when the most embarrassing moment occurred. She had just reading a story on generosity during the festive season, which led to her paying for a woman’s drink inside the store.

Once she walked outside, still feeling generous and happy, Ms Backstrom found a man cleaning her car’s windshield. She was convinced it was the holiday spirit that made a stranger clean her car.

“I’m convinced this is Christmas magic,”.I just love this time of year. So I walk up to this man and I am like, This is my favorite part of humanity. I love Christmas so much. Thank you for doing this, And I give him a hug

Sounds wonderful and Christmassy, right? It was, until Ms Backstrom realised that the stranger she hugged was just cleaning his own car.

“It wasn’t my car! He was parked directly in front of me and he was cleaning his own windshield,” she says. See her hilarious incident live video.

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