Chubby Cat Begs In Front Of The Automatic Feeder For Food Is Hilarious

Luna is a cat that was abandoned when she was just a kitten. Luna’s saviors already had one cat when they adopted her, but they hoped she would learn a lot from her new furry friend.

Her human owners fed Shayla (the older cat) with food and let her eat whenever she felt like it. So, they thought Luna would learn the same lessons. However, Luna became obese and had to be put on a diet.

“When we first got Luna, we open-fed her,” says Tarin Tanner, Luna’s mom. “That was a bad idea because she gained weight so fast, and at one point, the vet handed me a pamphlet on cat obesity. That’s when I knew she had to go on a stricter diet.”


They bought her an automatic food feeder that released small portions of food five times a day. Cunning, as cats are, Luna realized this machine provided her with food, so she tried everything to get the food inside its tank. She fell in love with the machine, literally. Most of the time, she stares at the machine, wishing it would drop some more food. Just watch the video, it’s hilarious!


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