Cinema Pathé Replaces All Of Its Seats With Comfy Double Beds

A lot of the theatres are constructed lately like airplanes, therein the seats are all squized together and there’s minimal legroom and just about no room to recline.

Cinema Pathé is looking to turn the “bed”  on this. The cinema, located in Switzerland, has recently opened their “VIP bedroom” screening room, which comes fitted with double beds, instead of the traditional cinema seats.

The aim of Cinema Pathé is essentially to offer you a movie-going experience that’s almost like that of your house cinema. The VIP bedroom section features 11 beds, all of which have adjustable headrests and soft bedsheets. There are even bedside tables where you’ll put your free popcorn and drink. that’s correct, the drinks and popcorn are free. By paying $48.50 for the VIP experience, you get complimentary drinks and snacks alongside your bed .

The complimentary snack part is great since it means you get to save lots of time waiting for your beverages and popcorn.
In addition to the present , every customer is given their own pair of slippers.

What about hygiene? Venanzio Di Bacco, the CEO of Pathé Switzerland assures customers that each one the bed sheets are changed for a fresh one after every movie.
Di Bacco says, “The hygiene aspect is extremely important to us.”

With all that said and done, there is nothing left only to enjoy the movies like at home.