Dramatic Rescue Of An Elephant Stuck In Mud

It was all’s well that ends well for this young elephant after it fell into a mud pit in Kenya.

After wallowing in the dank ditch for up to 12 hours, this is the dramatic moment a digger saved the large mammal from a trunkful of trouble in a heroic rescue attempt.

The heart-rending rescue took place near Makindu in Southern Kenya, where local farmers were shocked to find the distressed male elephant desperately trying to escape from a deep mud pit.

Unable to help the large mammal climb the steep clay sides, wildlife conservationists enlisted the aid of a heroic construction company, who used their digger to plough the elephant to safety.

Conservation scientist and wildlife photographer Jeremy Goss, 30, was on the scene to capture these dramatic photos and video footage of the courageous rescue on farmland bordering Chyulu Hills National Park.