Farmer Enacts Perfect Revenge on People Who Wouldn’t Stop Parking on His Land

Every Sunday vendors and visitors attend a flea market in Croatia. And every Sunday, farmer Pavao Bedekovic warns them against parking on his land, which is nearby.

To avoid paying the parking fee, Hrelić patrons were opting to use Bedeković’s “open” farm land instead.

Bedeković takes his tractor out and starts plowing the earth, which he owns, in between where the cars are parked. As it turns out, this trapped the cars in place rather effectively. The report claims, perhaps unsurprisingly, that the owners of these cars were none to pleased at Bedeković’s tractor actions, so they called the police on him.

The police wouldn’t end up punishing Bedeković because there is nothing wrong with farming land you own.

via sfglobe

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