He Walks For Hours And Hours To Create The Most Mesmerizing Snow Art Using His Feet Only

Simon Beck was not planning to be a snow artist when he was young – still he became one – Most probably one of the best.

Former cartographer studied engineering at Oxford . He spent the last ten years to make amazing arts on snow and sand.

He takes even 12 hours to complete one of his projects,walking a crazy 40 thousand steps just to create them.

Those ones are the smaller ones.

It takes precise calculations and planning to make the beautiful images.

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Thank you for sharing my work @ted

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He faces many challenges while creating – first of everything depends on the weather. It changes so fast,that a nice sunny afternoon might change into a smaller storm in a matter of minutes.

Other difficulty is people. Whenever you are working with snow,sometimes a skier might just go through your work.

Snow is great above about 2000m elevation, pity the lift named Lanchettes is not running, skiers are unable to get…

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Even though these creations doesn’t last long, if he manages to make a picture of them ,he is satisfied.

Like he said: Almost nobody saw the Mona Lisa,still everybody saw it on a picture.

There are different issue with the sand drawings,it needs more planning. Have to calculate when the tide is coming,that gives him a shorter time period to prepare his art.

Brean Beah 119

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More sand drawings from today.

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ABC News did a segment on Beck and his work, where he explains a bit of his process and how he uses a ski pole to measure parts of the design.: