Heartfelt Farewell: Gorilla Embraces Man Who Rescued Her as a Baby in Her Final Moments

Rescued at just 2 months old in the heart of the Congolese wilderness in 2007, Ndakasi, a young gorilla, faced a tragic start to life as her mother fell victim to poachers. Clinging to her mother’s lifeless body, Ndakasi’s journey was touched by both hardship and compassion.

Amidst the adversity, Ndakasi found solace in the form of Andre Bauma, the devoted keeper of Virunga National Park’s gorilla orphanage. Through rainstorms and uncertainty, Bauma cradled the fragile gorilla, providing warmth and comfort on her first night away from her mother.

With Bauma’s unwavering care and the orphanage staff’s dedication, Ndakasi not only survived but thrived, growing up in the embrace of love and security.

In a heart-warming selfie released by the park in 2019, Ndakasi could be seen alongside her loved ones, a testament to the transformation she underwent.

Sadly, Ndakasi’s life was tragically cut short at 14 due to illness. However, her final moments were imbued with the enduring legacy of love and care. Ndakasi took her last breath cradled by her caregiver and lifelong friend, Andre Bauma.

Though her physical presence is no longer, Ndakasi’s memory lives on, a reminder of the resilience of spirit and the importance of providing hope and second chances for orphaned creatures like her.