Husband spends 2 years planting thousands of flowers to bring his blind wife joy.

Flowers are the perfect way to express your feelings for somebody. Red roses say, “I love you,” but an entire garden of pink flowers screams it. One husband took the romantic gesture of getting your wife flowers to subsequent level.

Mr. and Mrs. Kuroki got married in 1956, and Mrs. Kuroki joined her husband on his farm  in Shintomi, Japan, The Telegraph reports. The couple lived a full life and had two kids. After 30 years of marriage, the couple planned on retiring and traveling around Japan, but those plans were soon dashed.

When she was 52, Mrs. Kuroki lost her vision because of complications from diabetes. Her blindness hit her hard, and she rather stayed inside all day. Mr. Kuroki knew his wife was depressed and wanted to do something to cheer her up.

Mr. Kuroki noticed some people stopping to admire his small garden of pink shibazakura flowers (also referred to as moss phlox) and got a thought . He couldn’t take his wife all around the world, so he had to get the planet come to his wife.

Mr. Kuroki decided to plant more of the flowers in his garden, hoping they might attract more visitors and cheer up his wife. He knew she wouldn’t be ready to see them, but she would be ready to smell them, and their pleasant aroma might bring her some joy. Mr. Kuroki spent two years planting thousands of flowers with great care he could put a smile on his wife’s face.

The plan worked and therefore the stunning garden began drawing visitors. A decade after Mr. Kuroki first planted the garden, it turned out to be a serious tourist attraction.

The garden draws up to 7,000 people each day when the flowers are in bloom in March and April. Their cowshed, which once held 60 cows, has been became a display telling their romance. Mrs. Kuroki loves the visitors and may be seen walking around the garden and smiling.