Judge Judy Let This Stolen Poodle In The Courtroom To Find The Real Owner

Many people lie, but a dog would always tell the truth. Recently, in a Judge Judy episode of the popular show of the same name, there was a case with a stolen Poodle called Baby Boy.
The owner reported the dog as missing, while the kidnapper already sold it to a woman. The latter didn’t even know it was stolen, although she loved Baby Boy during the few days it stayed in her home.
So, she decided to take it up to court. Judge Judy, as clever as she is, found a very simple solution – she let the dog choose between her new and original owner.
So, the dog immediately ran to the original owner and wagged its tail happily, showing everyone the truth. The honorable Judge Judy ruled in this man’s favor, which everyone saw it would be the right thing to do.

Watch the video below, you’ll love the moment when Baby Boy runs to its parents, after being separated from them for a while.