Lonely Husky Escapes From His Yard To Go Hug His Best Friend


Messy is a yellow labrador living in Thailand. He’s happy because his owner regularly plays with him and gives him the necessary attention. On the other hand, his neighbor across the street is Audi, a Husky that is mostly alone, because his owner goes to work every day and comes back late.

So, Audi has started feeling lonely and sad. Noticing this, Messy constantly keeps barking at his neighbor, calming him down somehow. Then, one day, Audi’s owner forgot to close the backyard’s door, so the dog immediately ran out to find who Messy really is.

It was the first time these two met each other. The results are adorable! They started hugging each other as if they’re best friends. Audi knew he shouldn’t stay on the street, so he went back home as soon as he saw his best friend and savior, Messy.