Man Builds Two Kitty Towers For His Cats And So Many People Want The Same

Cats are natural-born climbers and most of them enjoy being in high places. It doesn’t matter if it is a shelf or the cupboard ,even the top of any furniture will do. No wonder why you see cats climbing on high trees.

Rob Coutu from Windsor, Connecticut, decided to build his cats two epic towers. Not any towers though,they are very well crafted and good looking. It certainly compliments the living room, also it provides perfect training ground for his cats and plenty of hiding places.

Rob has two cats, a red tabby and a Savannah cat. The later likes the towers so much that it is trying to restrict the tabby to use them.

It all started when Rob saw a real looking tree that someone else made. He decided to build one that would be fun and practical for the cats and look sharp at the same time.

There are plenty projects for cat castles , some are more simple than other. Nevertheless it takes time and dedication to build them,but the end-result speaks for itself.