Meet Sir Nicholas Winton.WW2 hero who saved 669 children from Nazi concentration camps.

Once in a lifetime you might hear a calling or a whisper in your mind that you need to do something. Not everybody is able to hear it ,understand it or they don’t even pay attention to it.

For Sir Nicholas Winton, it meant rescuing several hundreds of Jewish children from Nazi concentration camps. Though he was just a young stockbroker in London, he wanted to put his privilege to good use. Therefore, Sir Winton decided to travel to Prague, where he hatched a plan to save hundreds of children just before World War II broke out.

For every refugee who left Czechoslovakia, Sir Winton had to arrange a foster family. In some cases, he was able to convince close friends and family members to take in refugee children. In most instances, however, he had to persuade absolute strangers to give the children homes

His work went unnoticed by the world for over 50 years, until 1988 when he was invited to the BBC television programme That’s Life!, where he was reunited over two dozen of his ‘children’ with their rescuer for the first time in a highly emotional broadcast.

Sir Nicholas Winton has died at the age of 106, his family said on July 1, 2015 .