Mom Chokes Up At Gift Two-Year-Old Son Has For 100-Year-Old Neighbor

“Cane Ball” is one of the made up games 2-year-old Benjamin Olson and 99-year-old Mary O’Neill play across their backyard fences. The two became best friends when both were stuck at home during the pandemic and still play nearly every day.

Benjamin and his baby brother Noah live next door to Mary. The Minneapolis neighbors became friends over the course of the year when they realized that they’ve been stuck at home for so long.

Sarah Olson, Benjamin’s mom, says that Mary is her son’s first best friend. And really, it is the most endearing of friendships we’ve seen in a long time. Get those tissues ready.

Mary lost her husband 37 years ago. Like any good neighbor, she started by waving hello to the adorable little boy next door through her window. Then she began to walk outside to say hello.

Mary and Benjamin start their day at around 10 in the morning and will spend a few hours together just hanging out and interacting with each other.