‘Selective Hearing: Men Ignore Their Partners More Than Once A Day’, According To Latest Study

Did you know that men ignore their wives and girlfriends at an average of 388 times a year? That’s over once a day, according to a new study.

It may come as a surprise to some, but to the majority of people, it really sounds like a normal thing to do. Apparently, when women ask their male partners to do the chores, this ‘selective hearing’ is activated, and they ignore whatever is being told to them.

According to a U.K. hearing care company, over 75% of all people living in the country, have failed to hear what their partner is saying at first, with men taking up a much larger percentage than women.

According to them, men ignore women around 388 times a year, while women do it 339 times during the same period of time.

Still, most of it could be due to hearing difficulties, as 40% of the test subjects are pretty sure that their male partners have a genuine hearing problem. Moreover, ‘selective hearing’ can also be an indicator of losing your sense to hear.