This Adorable Cat With Dwarfism Will Forever Be Kitty-Sized

Animals with dwarfism exist. Cats and dogs can often be seen small-sized, even though they’re past the age of puppies and kittens.

Munchie the Permacat was born in September, 2019. He was abandoned by his original owners and found by Emily Tomlinson, a veterinarian. Ever since she became his mom, Emily decided to open an Instagram account dedicated to Munchie, and share the news with the world.

Emily needs to go to work every day, but Munchie has tons of cool stuff at home, to play with. This adorable cat was left on the street because of a rare eye condition since his eyes are somewhat cloudy. It doesn’t affect his eyesight, though.

Recently, Munchie was diagnosed with dwarfism and upon learning, Emily made sure that her favorite pet gets his daily calcium dose to boost bone growth.

No matter, Munchie will probably have a regular lifespan and is bound to live happily ever after with his human parent.

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