This Blind Skateboarder Uses His Cane to Do Awesome Tricks

You know that friend of yours who goes to spots only to complain? That dude who only gives excuses — “This run-up sucks,” “My board’s too new,” “I didn’t shit right today,” — instead of shutting up and just skating? Dan Mancina is not that dude. In fact, Dan is the complete opposite of that dude.

Dan became blind over the past few years, and he’s the first blind person I’ve ever actually talked to about what it’s like being blind. Dan still skates, hunts, and takes his girlfriend out on dates, he just does it all without being able to see. He’s not (as I stupidly presumed) embarrassed about being blind. He would never spend time worrying about that. So when we talked, he spared no detail about the logistics of doing everything blind. From skating a box with a cane to making sure his ass is clean, Dan explained how he doesn’t let blindness hold him back. Dan brings the positivity and makes you want to enjoy skating as much as he does. Dan is the dude you want on your session.

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