This Entire Litter Of Maine Coon Kittens Were Born With Grumpy Faces

Main Coons are a domestic breed of cat, but they are the largest one of the breeds.

These felines are majestic creatures capable of growing as large as 40 inches in length, and their color combinations have up to 75 variations!

A cat breeder has released a compilation of videos showing her fluffy kittens who look exactly like tiny werewolves.

Tatiana Rastorgueva, 44, from Moscow, Russia, specializes in breeding and selling Maine Coon cats and often captures footage of them going about their life.

Recently, Tatiana has uploaded a series of videos in which she shows the felines at only a few months old, with shiny eyes and ruffled coats that make them look like adorable tiny werewolves.

Tatiana said: “Our cattery is closed, which means we don’t take mating cats from other catteries, so we keep a pure bloodline.