This Guy Built Himself A Flying Machine

Meet The Koncepto Millenya.

Developed by Kyxz Mendiola, is a one-person craft with a fairly conventional drone-style layout that uses 16 electric propellers. Like several prototypes of this kind, the craft uses a lot of carbon fiber to save weight. The electric craft has a battery life that permits flights of 10 to 15 minutes.

Mendiola experimented with a number of designs, as the video above shows, including a scary-looking hoverboard, but the final design for the Koncepto Millenya turned out to be a small cocoon with four pylons on each side, in a butterfly pattern, with two propellers per pylon. The craft uses a total of 16 computers, according to Mendiola, which control the craft’s flight (which sounds like 15 computers too many).

After 6 years and million of dollars, this guy finally built the car of his dreams! A flying car! Unbelievable! Even Elon Musk thought flying cars would be too noisy or too impossible. Not this guy!