THIS Is Why Skyscraper BOMBED At The Box Office

We all love the Rock, that is not even an argument. He always makes amazing action movies and he also has a great talent for comedy. We’ve seen him do all kinds of action movies: the buddy cop action comedy (Central Intelligence), the cartoon blockbuster (Moana), the monster chase (Rampage), the big franchise (Fast and Furious), the jungle adventure (Jumanji 2) and even took the main role in a Baywatch movie. He is clearly a very popular former wrestler and current bodybuilder and actor. People even want him to run for president!

BUT his latest movie wasn’t really well received. The box office earnings flopped completely. The movie made only 27 million in the USA and 40 million worldwide. The budget was 130 million… you do the math. Much like the big skyscraper in the movie, it collapsed. This video will tell you why. Do you agree with this? Tell us in the comments section.