This Man Raised A Gorilla Like His Own Son – 5 Years Later They Meet Again

Damian Aspinall is a British millionaire and conservationist. For years, he’s been raising and releasing a huge number of zoo-bred gorillas in the jungles of Gabon. He’s known to have helped many of these amazing animals back to their natural habitat.

One of them is Kwibi, a baby gorilla, who Damian raised as his own son. Upon releasing him in the jungle, Damian hasn’t seen Kwibi in over five whole years!

After five years, Damian decided to have a look at Kwibi and how he is doing in the wilderness. However, this was not an easy task because Kwibi has fully embraced the “animal instinct”. Apparently, he even attacked two humans when they approached him. Damian spent a couple of days looking for his “son”, when he finally found him. See for yourself how their reunion went.