This Man Spends A Fortune To Save Turtles From The Food Market And Releases Them In The Ocean

Not many people have heard of Aaron Culling and his friend Mark. This man is a living example of how to take care of animals, especially endangered species

Namely, it’s legal to fish for sea turtles in some countries, such as Australia and Mexico. They are especially hunted for meat and their shells are used as decorations.

When these two guys found out about this, they immediately paid for every sea turtle in the food market. What were they going to do with all those sea turtles? Only one logical solution exists in these situations Рput them back in their natural habitat.

So, that’s what Aaron and Mark did! They put the turtles in the back of their truck and drove down to the nearby beach. No one can explain how good they felt, watching those gentle animals getting back to the ocean.

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