This Man Spent 35 Years Working As A Baker Until He Stepped On Stage And Began Singing

Martin Hurkens always had a dream of being an opera singer,but he didn’t have money for music school. Instead became a baker to make a living for 35 years and would sing every day while he worked as a baker.

In 2010, his youngest daughter signed him up for the RTL program ‘Holland’s Got Talent” and he did so well that he ended up winning first place in the competition.
Martin recorded a video clip on a busy street in Holland , places down his hat   and sings “You raise me up ‘.
Without even knowing this video became incredibly popular on YouTube and Social Media. His performance is so touching that some people were moved to tears.

In his Biography Martin Hurkens wrote :
That’s why I say, “you may always dream, and sometimes they will even come true.”


If you want to see the performance when Martin Hurkens singing career started take a look at the video below.