They Tried To Steal Her Purse, But She Takes Revenge

People used to think that women are easy targets and most them are.In case you run out of luck you will run into one of them,who looks sporty and you will be thinking maybe she goes to the gym sometimes.

Well this robber didn’t take a close look that is for sure.The victim that he choose was a female MMA fighter / somehow this MMA fighting gets very usual for women./. He felt every second of his training as her knees were kicking his body.

This century is not about the fragile women anymore,so guys first of all don’t try to rob anybody and second take a look who you mess with.

It was a normal day in Malaysia for 28-year-old Germaine Yeap as she pulled into her gated driveway, unaware of the two men on motorcycle scoping her out as a possible victim. When she begins to exit her car and the gate behind her closing, the first thief-hopeful hops off and rushes in, grabbing her purse and yanking her back with it. She attempts to pull it back but realizes her Muay Thai would be much more effective; delivering a pretty deadly looking knee to the gut: