United CEO Praises Staff In Letter After Doctor Gets Dragged Off Plane

We all saw the story about the guy who got dragged off the plane. United Airlines will probably never overbook a flight again after this scandalous behavior. I know I am never flying with them again. The passenger who got beaten up and thrown out was actually a 69 year old grandfather! Can you believe they would do this to an old man?!

His name is Dr. David Dao and he is a Vietnamese-American citizen. United Airlines overbooked their flight and apparently he was one of the people chosen to get off the flight. Dr. Dao is the father of five children and a grandfather. He is an internal medicine doctor and most of his kids are on the path of becoming doctors themselves. After the incident the CEO of the company actually defended the actions of his employees, albeit only in a private email. Publicly he only apologizes which is the politically correct thing to do. If you’re looking for the name of guy you can’t wait to hate, he is Oscar Munoz and the is the United Airlines CEO. I can’t wait to see the backlash his company faces after this appalling behavior.