Unpaid Teacher Who Lives At School Got The Surprise Of A Lifetime

Bruno Rafael Paiva is a substitute teacher at a Brazilian high school. At the time he was working without any payment. He said that it was due to some administrative error where his name was not put in the system yet. As a result he is not getting paid for his job and it has been almost two months.

“This month when I saw that I was not going to receive [my salary] after a month and a half of work, I saw everything going black, I sank into depression. [I was] worried and lost [not] knowing how to pay the bills and help my family that is changing and with many of the barriers of life,”

he wrote on Facebook.

His was getting into a very dark place.

Most of have been there,where you just don’t see a way out,don’t have money for food or simply to live.

Than he got the surprise.This class of his collected a nice amount of donation by selling chocolates,raffle tickets and so on.

They collected 400$ for him,which is a lot in Brazil.

The video is not in english,but you can easily understand what is going on and see/feel the emotions.

No eyes will be left dry: