Upset Mom Explain The Real Heroes Are the Organ Donor Families Who Saved Her Son’s Life

Mother of a little boy ,named Kingston wrote a long post on Facebook,which sums it up what is wrong with our society. He has a rare liver disease which is not possible to cure,only with organ transplant.

This is what she wrote:

I’m upset right now.

This is going to sound bad, but stay with me. I just saw a post by someone that went viral for buying a meal for a homeless person and taking a photo of it.

She had 600,000 some odd reactions to her post and thousands of comments basically hailing her a hero (don’t get me wrong, it was nice).

It shocks me what goes viral these days. I’ve fed tons of homeless people and don’t post a photo of it or look for some pat on the back. Do good things, be a good human. It’s nice and touchy feely and gives you an “aww that’s nice” feeling.

Let me tell you who is a REAL hero. The family that’s grieving right now for their baby, and chose to give my son life in the moment they lost him/her. But, this post probably won’t go viral.

Look at my son. He was dying. He wouldn’t be alive until age 1 or slightly longer, without their act of kindness, without their sacrifice.

Those that choose to donate life are my heroes. You can buy a meal for a homeless person any day of the week. How often do you have the chance to save a life.

Most people in my life don’t know i clutch my child and cry at least an hour a day, thanking God for sparing him. Thanking God for the donor family, and praying Kingston stays healthy. I cry for the babies that aren’t getting their gifts in time. It’s not fair.

Be a REAL hero. Be a donor.

Thank you donor family. I hope they see this. I hope they know I love them. He received his gift Oct 5, 2019 at UCSF. THIS IS WHO YOU SAVED!

Edit to add: I’m not upset about someone doing something nice, or even feeling the need to share and get likes. I’m GLAD there are nice people in the world, and more people should do nice things. My issue is that it gained traction like posts that have children looking for a liver or a kidney DO NOT.

Here is the original post.