Woman Rescues Baby Crow and Forms Unbreakable Bond: He Refuses to Depart

In a heart-warming account, a malnourished baby crow found abandoned was taken in by veterinarian Leenett. After being discovered alone and with no sign of its mother, Leenett made the compassionate decision to care for him, naming him Walter.

With time and care, Walter regained his strength, but his bond with Leenett grew stronger. He has taken to staying around and even behaves like a dog at times.

“We don’t consider them as pets. Though Walter lingers, he’s not a pet in the traditional sense,” she explained. “He’s an intriguing wild bird.”

Walter’s presence is a heartening reminder of the unexpected joys life can bring. Leenett’s dedication to nurturing and safeguarding him has undoubtedly created a unique and heart-warming connection.