Woman Sleeps On Couch In Wrong Apartment And Refuses To Leave

Ever happened with you that the party last night was so exhausting that the next morning you had no idea how did you get home,with what did you get home….what happened with your friends,etc?

The same happened with this kinda attractive lady.The only difference is that she slept on the couch.

Moreover the interesting part is that she didn’t sleep on her own couch…it was a totally different apartment and the owners are complete strangers.

The owners woke her up and asked her to leave.

They had no idea who is she,how did she get her.They asked several questions from her and she is unable to tell who is owner of the apartment,where is the apartment.

She is just telling them that she copped the place.That means that she bought – took ownership of the place.

They had no idea what does it means to cop.Probably that is the best,otherwise they would have been furious.

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