Monday , December 17 2018


This Is How You Move Illegally Parked Vehicles

On the video, the need of the excavator to move out is blocked by these two (2) vehicles parked near the construction site. Since the owners or drivers of the vehicles are nowhere to be found, the excavator just pushed out the vehicles away like pancakes.

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Porsche Driver Outwits Armed Hijackers In Seconds

Amateurism caught on a security camera. What a bunch of complete morons!! They had the guns AND the numbers. But they forgot a Porsche goes from 0 to 60 in matter of seconds. And this guy definitely knows how to drive his Porsche. They were just passing through and noticed ...

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He Got Tired Of His Neighbor Parking In His Driveway…

I can’t believe guns were involved in this suburban neighborhood! First, he towed the car himself with a yellow Hummer and then the interesting stuff starts happening. What would you do if your neighbor kept parking in your driveway? SHOOT HIM?! What is wrong with people today? This has been ...

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Wanted Woman Gets Run Over By The Police

Holy sh*t! She started shooting at them! This woman is crazy as hell! What else were they supposed to do? She was running from them and then started shooting. So they run her over… Hmm… Her name Is Madison Dickson (seriously?) and the police had been searching for her for ...

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