Monday , February 18 2019


Floyd Mayweather’s Opponent Is Slaying People!

OMG! This guy is like a kicking machine! And his name is TENSHIN! Reminds me of the three-eyed dude from Dragon Ball. Either way this is going to be an interesting fight. Tenshin’s strength is his kicks, as he is a kick boxer and of course Mayweather is into using ...

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Driver throws passenger off bus then kicks him

Astonishing moment driver bundles a passenger off his bus then pushes him to the ground and KICKS him in the stomach. A man can be heard angrily shouting, ‘Get off!’ before a violent struggle breaks out between the driver and the young man in the clip, recorded by a fellow ...

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Lateysha Grace’s dress splits on live TV while trying to Twerk

    She suffered a major wardrobe malfunction mid-twerk and almost bared all as her dress split open, briefly baring her bum to viewers.A giggling Rylan could barely contain his amusement and referred to the incident as his “favorite moment of the series”. Lateysha, formerly a cast member of MTV ...

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Bully Gets Knocked The Hell Out After Quiet Girl Snaps

Bullying is one of the most disgusting thing that kids can do.Although it doesn’t stop with the kids.We can see it everyday at every part of our life.At the street on the bus and our workplace. What we like about it,when the person who is bullied snaps.That means instant karma ...

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