Driver throws passenger off bus then kicks him


Astonishing moment driver bundles a passenger off his bus then pushes him to the ground and KICKS him in the stomach. A man can be heard angrily shouting, ‘Get off!’ before a violent struggle breaks out between the driver and the young man in the clip, recorded by a fellow ...

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Boss Makes Video Of Her Maid Falling 7 Stories


The Ethiopian worker, who survived the fall but suffered a broken arm, claims she was fleeing someone trying to kill her inside the apartment in Kuwait: The lady put me in the bathroom and was about to kill me in the bathroom without anybody finding out, she would have thrown ...

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Amusement Park Accidents Caught On Camera


People go there for the fun mostly or try something out that they never did before.Mostly things that can be scary.There is a possibility that something will go wrong.As these machines are not brand new anymore,or simply put a wrong design.Other cases involves people’s own stupidity. This video is not ...

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Lateysha Grace’s dress splits on live TV while trying to Twerk


She suffered a major wardrobe malfunction mid-twerk and almost bared all as her dress split open, briefly baring her bum to viewers.A giggling Rylan could barely contain his amusement and referred to the incident as his “favorite moment of the series”. Lateysha, formerly a cast member of MTV reality show ...

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