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Schwarzenegger Gets His Backside DESTROYED

Who would even think about attacking this living legend. South African people apparently do not know of his greatness. Some random dude kicked Arnold in the back and almost broke his own. Arnold only felt a little push as he moved one step forward. An ordinary guy would need a …

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McGregor vs The Mountain!!!

Holy mother of David and Goliath!!! I can’t believe they actually put these two in the same room!! It seems pretty obvious who will win. But then again the Viper almost destroyed the Mountain. Is it possible Conor can do the same?

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Kevin Hart vs Usain Bolt Broke the Internet

Usain Bolt is the undisputed sprint king in the world. Kevin Hart is the undisputed funny king in the world (at least right now). What are they doing racing against each other is beyond me. Usain even gives Kevin a 30 meter head start. Is that enough to beat him?

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She Was Arrested For Serving Drinks To A Murderer

So if you work in the service industry, you better be careful. If you serve a guy who intends to kill people, you will be arrested. So tomorrow when you go to work, ask your customers if they are feeling like dropping fools that day. If they answer in the …

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