Transgender Kids Ruin A Girl’s Athletic Career

No matter where you stand on the… matter, this is a big problem. This girl is very talented, but rarely any girl in the world is talented enough to compete with boys. Just ask Serena Williams. This is not about boys and girls, this is about transgender people who are …

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Great White Shark Eats A Guys Camera

When you are trying your best to be a photographer and then a shark comes at you. I know as a profesiional, you need to get a close up, but what did he want? A close up of the thing’s cavities?

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Woman Calls Joe Rogan A FATSO

Let’s be honest with each other, Joe Rogan is one of the most influential people in America right now. He is a comedian, sports pundit and has the most popular podcast on the planet. After one of his standup performances, one of the girls in the crowd had a beef …

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