A Cappella Group Sings Cover Of ‘The Longest Time’

This group of a cappella singers remakes one of Billy Joel’s legendary songs using only their voices and it comes out incredibly. The six young men work together to pay homage to the “Piano Man,” and the beautiful rendition went viral. The song they remastered is the “Longest Time” .

Chris Brandy uploaded this beautiful song to his youtube chanel. He wrote:

The idea to do this originated in May 2016, when some of the guys got ahold of the arrangement and wanted to sing it for fun. I suggested that we record it since I had all the gear. We met up at my house and had 4 hours to learn and perform it from scratch. All the vocals are our actual voices. The audio is a mix of live singing and re-tracks. In post, I added snaps and claps, and did the best that I could to make everything line up, which wasn’t an easy task. I knew that the timing was a little off even before I read 500+ comments telling me that it was off.