Young Man Asks 100-Year-Old Veteran To Go To Disneyland With Him

Isaiah Garza, designer, philanthropist, entrepreneur, youtuber & tiktoker. I’m here to get spread love, make people smile & make a difference! says his YouTube bio. In the video posted to TikTok, Isaiah Garza is seen approaching a 100-year-old veteran walking on the street, who is a complete stranger to him, …

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High School Trombone “Headchopper” Routine Steals Spotlight

Schools are special places where we create precious memories.This is a place which you will never forget in your entire life. A video from the Liberty High School band’s trombone section shocked the internet with their “head-chopping” routine. They are all talented musicians, this particular routine was designed to hype …

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Six Men Become Drumline Using Just Their Bodies

It’s not just stomping and clapping with these fellas. Rather, they slap their legs, they smack their torsos and even slap their arms together or clap the back of their hands for different sounds. Paired with their incredible sense of rhythm and steady tempo, it really is a sight to …

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