Bryan Cranston Couldn’t Stop Laughing: Over 50 Takes Needed for This Scene

In the 2016 movie “Why Him?”, a particular scene became a filming challenge due to Bryan Cranston’s relentless laughter.

The sequence features Cranston seated on a toilet, with Keegan-Michael Key entering to address an issue.

Key strategically enters the frame gradually, approaching Cranston’s face closely, prompting the accomplished actor to repeatedly dissolve into fits of laughter and break character.

Released in 2016, “Why Him?” is a comedic film that revolves around the clash between two very different men. The story follows a loving but overprotective father, portrayed by Bryan Cranston, who visits his daughter and discovers that she is dating an eccentric and wildly inappropriate tech billionaire, played by James Franco.

The film humorously delves into the awkward and comical situations that arise as the father tries to come to terms with his daughter’s relationship. With its blend of awkward humor and touching family dynamics, “Why Him?” explores the challenges of accepting change and embracing unexpected relationships.

The film’s comedic elements are highlighted by the chemistry between Cranston and Franco, leading to a series of comedic mishaps and heart-warming moments throughout the storyline.