Couples Who Know That Patience Is the Key to a Successful Relationship

It seems there is one key ingredient to making any relationship harmonious…and that’s PATIENCE.These couples are proving that patience it’s the answer to having a successful, long and happy relationship. “Didn’t have time to go into town, so drew a circle on Ryan’s hand so he could buy me the correct size hoop earrings.” © jadepops1999 / twitter …

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Parrot Plays Peek-a-Boo with Neighbors Cat

“Oscar the two-year-old Indian Ringneck parrot playing peekaboo with the cat from across the street.” This would be a much less funny video if there weren’t a pane of glass separating these two. . . Advertisement

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Hippo Delivers The World’s Biggest Fart

Everyone at the zoo is so excited to watch this hippopotamus making his way out of the water but no one was expecting to witness the world’s largest, loudest, most disgusting fart. So far more than 30 million have watched the video, and some of the thousands of comments are …

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