Bully Gets Knocked The Hell Out After Quiet Girl Snaps

Bullying is one of the most disgusting thing that kids can do.Although it doesn’t stop with the kids.We can see it everyday at every part of our life.At the street on the bus and our workplace.

What we like about it,when the person who is bullied snaps.That means instant karma most of the time.

This time was the same.Can’t Understand what they are saying,but it must be like this:

  • Cmon leave me alone.
  • No you are an ugly white slt.
  • I told you to leave me alone…let me just stand here and mind my own business.
  • So you want business – i give you business you little piece of…
  • Oh yeah..enough – push – smack – bumm..bummm KO.
  • I told Ya

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