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Transgender Kids Ruin A Girl’s Athletic Career

No matter where you stand on the… matter, this is a big problem. This girl is very talented, but rarely any girl in the world is talented enough to compete with boys. Just ask Serena Williams. This is not about boys and girls, this is about transgender people who are …

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Neil DeGrasse Tyson Blows Adam Savage’s Mind!!

Neil is the man!! From debunking dumb science in movies, to basically putting it on his shoulders to explain science to the world. He is just an amazing guy! He blows people’s minds every day of the week, twice on Sunday. In this footage you can see him destroying Adam …

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Floyd Mayweather’s

OMG! This guy is like a kicking machine! And his name is TENSHIN! Reminds me of the three-eyed dude from Dragon Ball. Either way this is going to be an interesting fight. Tenshin’s strength is his kicks, as he is a kick boxer and of course Mayweather is into using …

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Driver throws passenger off bus then kicks him

Astonishing moment driver bundles a passenger off his bus then pushes him to the ground and KICKS him in the stomach. A man can be heard angrily shouting, ‘Get off!’ before a violent struggle breaks out between the driver and the young man in the clip, recorded by a fellow …

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