Guy Turns Into Goku To Try Open A Door

What the hell was that?! It can’t be possible to do that! Goku from Dragon Ball can certainly do it, but regular humans are just not that good. Well, maybe humanity is getting closer to Goku’s. He is probably drunk or something lol. But he is actually quite fast even …

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Superman Dive Wins It For Arkansas Athlete

He is crazy! He saw his strength leaving him right at the end. So what did he do? A hail Mary! A last ditch attempt at victory! Even if it didn’t work, he’d’ve been behind his teammate. But Superman Dives are for the believers! He believed and he won!

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Transgender Kids Ruin A Girl’s Athletic Career

No matter where you stand on the… matter, this is a big problem. This girl is very talented, but rarely any girl in the world is talented enough to compete with boys. Just ask Serena Williams. This is not about boys and girls, this is about transgender people who are …

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