Jim Nabors (Gomer) gives a stellar rendition of “The Impossible Dream”.

One of the classic Broadway ballads from the 1960s is “The Impossible Dream” . Sung by musical greats like Sinatra and Elvis, the song continues to be popular due to its inspiring lyrics about overcoming life’s challenges. one among the foremost remembered versions comes from an unlikely source – a comedic television program . That’s because it had been sung by the talented actor/singer Jim Nabors.

Andy Griffith discovered Jim Nabors , he was hired to play a one-shot role of Gomer Pyle, an “addlebrained” gasoline station attendant, on The Andy Griffith Show. His appearance was so popular that the actor was made a daily on the show and would later get his own spin-off television program , Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C.

Nabors revealed not only his comedic talents, but also his rich baritone . it might lead him to a successful musical career (he has recorded 28 albums!). One stand-out performance was on Gomer Pyle singing “The Impossible Dream”, which is highlighted within the video clip below.