Woman Creates Hilarious Parody Of ‘Jolene’ And Has The Internet Cracking Up Over Her Version

For anyone who’s a fan of Dolly Parton, and even those who aren’t, you’ve probably heard the song “Jolene.” Although it was released more than 35 years ago, it remains one of her most iconic songs. Everyone loves it.

There’s a woman by the name of Garnetta Rickett who’s an amazing parody artist. She’s so good at her craft that recently, she appeared on the Bob & Sheri morning talk show. It all started after Sheri saw Rickett’s version of “Jolene.”

Sheri explains that when she saw the parody, she was “on the floor snort laughing.” During the interview, she asked Rickett why she chose the song “Jolene” to parody. In her words, “Well, I had a lot of friends at the time complaining about their husbands or boyfriends being underfoot.”

I could not stop laughing throughout her version of the song. She nails it!