Brazil Snake Eats A Porcupine And Gets Pierced By Spikes

Encounter with a porcupine can often lead to a dreadful ending for animals and humans — all akin. And what happened to this Brazilian snake is just too painful to watch. A video of a wild boa constrictor, also called red-tailed boa, has gone viral and has garnered a mixed …

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Epic Deadpool Facts

[tps_title]There are only a couple of movies,which gained so much attention recently.We are eager to see the 2nd part.[/tps_title]

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Rat Hears Woman Sneezing, Runs To Grab Her A Tissue

How about this rat huh? I can’t even teach my dog to fetch. This little slugger brings tissues to his human friend. She sneezed and the little dude just gets a Kleenex and brings it to her. This is the most amazing thing you’re gonna see today! So cute! Mama’s …

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