Guy Perfectly Explains What Men Think About Women’s Underwear

This is what guys think about women’s underwear! There is no better explanation anywhere on the internet…or…in…other places. This guy is hilarious! He found a pair of women’s underwear by his apartment building and decided to do a whole monologue about it. He cracks jokes all the way through and …

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The Weirdest Contraband The TSA Confiscated In 2016

Can you imagine the items that they were not allowed to put online? For sure you could find some really extreme ones! Don’t try wearing this next time . With a simple unsnap and pull, this mild mannered belt becomes BELT KNIFE! Clever idea, but a bad idea to wear …

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Brown Bear Comes And Sits Next To Man In Camping Chair

Drew Hamilton was just sitting on his camping chair, just chilling. And then this bear appeared and sat down next to him, you know, like bears do…NOT! Are animals becoming more friendly or is it just this bear? Every year a massive amount of bears gather at McNeil Falls, Alaska …

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