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Amazing Vietnamese Swat Team Has Unique Way Of Scaling a Wall

This Vietnamese tactical team has a rather unorthodox – but pretty impressive way – of sneaking into a building unannounced. Rather than rappelling in from above using ropes, or scaling the walls with nets and ladders, the acrobatic SWAT team manage to climb onto a third-storey balcony using nothing but …

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Kid Wakes Up From Surgery And Think His Is A Gangster

We’ve seen many videos of people acting silly after waking from anesthesia, but this one takes the cake. Brandon came into the Boston’s Children’s hospital for an operation on his broken arm, and woke up thinking he was a completely different person. His mom, Amanda Lally filmed a hilarious set …

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A Bad Day at the Gas Station

The unfortunate day for my buddy. Starts off with his bike catching on fire, hits some gravel coming back into the parking lot, and then has to push the bike 1.5 miles home. Thankfully, God was watching and nobody was injured.

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