The Goofiest Dance Ever On The National News


What would you do if somebody told you you were on the news? This guy had it all planned out. I am sure the story that brought the helicopter and journalists was very important, but this dude stole the show. The moment he realized he was on the news (although ...

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10-Year Old Sees Color For The First Time

Emotional 10 Year Old Sees Colour For First Time

So emotional. I couldn’t begin to imagine what it is like for a colorblind person to see color for the first time. Xavier McCoury didn’t have to imagine either. He received his best birthday present ever. He opens it excitedly surrounded by his family. It looks like a regular pair ...

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Meet Letrons: BMW’s Real-Life Transformer


Wow! Somebody finally made a real-life Transformer! Who else if not frickin BMW! His name is Letrons and he looks amazing! Mind you, he takes about 3 hours to turn from a car to a robot, so don’t count on this ‘Bumblebee’ or should I say ‘Beetle’ to save you ...

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